Boat Excursions

Relaxing on the beach in Mazunte is an ideal way of paying tribute to the old Mexican saying "hechar the hueva" (enjoy the leisure), as you can spend days there.
And if you like to enjoy something memorable, just rely on one of the many boaters who come to offer trips between dolphins and whales without going too far out. It is easy to approach any whale or even blue whales,
creatures 30 meters long, swimming incredibly agile in the waves, often intrigued by humans, and since they are intelligent enough to understand that no one has hurt them for several decades (Mexico was the first country to ban dolphin/whale hunting in its waters), it is not uncommon they appear in acrobatic jumps.
In Mazunte it's easy: just give up the hammock on the beach and go with the boatmen - all experienced and attentive to the safety and respect of nature - to enjoy the show.